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Emmission Tests

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The following smoke test (emissions test) was performed on 8th August 2005 on a London Taxi (Black Cab - Diesel) owned by "Dial a Cab" taxi driver Paul. The time of the "before" test was 1.35pm (The testers machine clock was 1 hour out) and the "after" test was 5.46pm. This means that in just over 4 hours from first using the PowerPill the emissions dropped from being over twice the legal MOT limit (2.5 1/m) with a test "FAILURE" of 5.98 1/m to "FAST PASSING" the test with an emission level of 1.17 1/m. This is a drop in emissions of almost 80%, and only 70 miles were driven in between tests. The figure will decrease further after one or two completed tanks of fuel.


















As well as the above test, "Dial a Cab" are conducting their own independent study with different model taxis of different ages. The first results are just in, and the first driver reported an increase in mileage from 21mpg to 24mpg (miles per gallon), and the emissions decreased from 5.2 1/m (twice over the legal limit) to 1.8 1/m immediately. In fact, the test centre was so impressed and astounded that they refused to charge the driver for conducting the test.



















This test was performed on a 1999 (V) Rover 416SLi (Petrol). Just one tank of fuel was used between the "before" and "after" tests. An immediate reduction of almost 50% was recorded in the CO level and the HC level droppd by almost 30%. There was also a reduction in the "Natural Idle Speed" CO level of almost 66%.



















Here is the same Rover after just over 2 tanks of fuel treated with the PowerPill - as you can see, the CO level has now been reduced to 0.00% volume - and the HC level has been reduced from 26 to 4 ppm - even when at 3,000 revs the CO level is only at 0.01% - truly amazing.




















Finally, this test was performed on a 13 year old Toyota Previa (8 seater diesel people carrier). Again, just one tank of fuel was used between tests, and an immediate drop of 50% was recorded in emissions. The emission tester said that this was the first diesel (Except for a brand new one just out of the showroom) that had "FAST PASSED" the test he had ever seen. (FAST PASS means that instead of the computer taking 5 or 6 readings on a diesel vehicle and then taking the average to give a reading, if the reading is under 1.5 1/m the computer says "no need to take another reading". This has never been seen before on diesel cars by most testers, and levels are well below even the new European standard being introduced in January 2006.