The size of a quarter, the Alpha Pill is a new generation fuel conditioner, not an obsolete additive. It is not only the ultimate environmentally friendly fuel conditioner that increases engine power, but it literally reduces carbon deposits, increases fuel economy, reduces exhaust emissions, and saves money. Its ability to be used on all engines performing on either gasoline or diesel fuel makes it an extremely attractive and formidable product.

Major US companies and utilities such as the Navy, Coast Guard, Power Stations, Railways, etc. have used the Alpha Pill. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Team, the Alpha Pill is being made available to the general public.

The global impact of the Alpha Pill is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dream, as it significantly reduces harmful exhaust emissions such as Greenhouse gases – carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Made of non-toxic, all natural formulation, with 100% active ingredients, it improves fuel combustion by enabling engines to burn completely with absolutely no residue left.

Prior to using the Alpha Pill, emission tests were conducted in 1998 by Swedish laboratory, Rototest, on 84 different models and revealed that on both old and new cars, exhaust emissions continued to be a problem. Research included testing for hydrocarbons, including carcinogens such as benzene and smog-producing volatile organic compounds, poisonous carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen, which negatively impact our environment and contribute to asthma, acid rain, and smog.

All models were then re-tested after applying the Alpha Pill. Reports showed that dangerous exhaust emissions were significantly reduced 24% to 78%.

78% reduction in Carbon Monoxide emissions

24% reduction in Hydrocarbon emissions

73% reduction in Smoke Pollutant emissions

The Alpha Pill also dramatically improves fuel economy, thus consumers experience substantial savings on gasoline and/or diesel consumption.

A test conducted by SAE International (The Society for Advanced Mobility, Land, Sea, Air, and Space) using data from 49,710 miles (80,000Km) indicated an immediate improvement in fuel economy upon the addition of the Alpha Pill. Mileage improved by 10% -- from 23.1 to 25.41 -- which represents a tremendous cost savings for consumers.

Carbon deposits in engines result in loss of engine power and octane requirements. The Alpha Pill has a dual affect on carbon deposits. It not only eliminates existing built up carbon deposits, but it also combats and eradicates the formation of new deposits. The result is a reduction in vehicle octane requirements along with a significant restoration of engine power.

The rising prices of leaded gasoline, subsequent to the Federal Government attempting to “wean” consumers off leaded gasoline, has negatively impacted engine durability. A joint report by the EPA and the Department of Agriculture stated that, “medium and high speed engines with soft valve seats will experience excessive valve-seat wear if operated on unleaded gasoline”. The Alpha Pill formulation renders the optimum solution, as it acts as a lead substitute for engines designed to run on leaded gasoline while it conditions the engine.

The makers of the Alpha Pillguarantee their product is safe to use in all gasoline and diesel applications. For consumer peace of mind, their claim is backed by a $10 million insurance policy for any single claim proving engine damage caused by product usage.



Total Money Back Guarantee    100% Safe for Any Engine

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Total Money Back Guarantee    100% Safe for Any Engine