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Call Sign is the official in-house magazine of Dial-a Cab.Ltd

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At the risk of Dial-a-Cab drivers beginning to believe that Call Sign is getting commission from advertising the amazing PowerPill /Alpha Pill, we now have yet another driver who has approached the magazine to tell us his experience with the pill. In September 2005, Call Sign used the assistance of six Dial-a-Cab drivers to road test the PowerPill /Alpha Pill. Some had amazing results, some less noticeable. But all had improved emission results and those whose emissions were failures, after a few pills into the fuel tank all sailed through the retest. In addition, all had improved fuel economy, up to an extra 10% on their usual mileage for some and less for others but all had improved performances with their cabs. Then in the last issue, we were approached by DaC driver, Mark Wheaton (B54), who ran his own tests and gave us the results. Not only did his emission failure turn into a pass, but he was also now getting an extra 60 miles from a tank of diesel! Now yet another driver has been testing his own cab with PowerPill /Alpha Pill. Call Sign knew nothing about it until he approached us. Divyesh Ruparelia (V59) has been on DaC since September 2004 and has a Series III Metrocab that he admits he treats like a baby giving it a service every 6000 miles and washing it several times every week. He’d read about the PowerPill in Call Sign and wondered what it could do to a cab that had flown through the emissions test with an ultra-low reading of 0.75 and which already did a mouth-watering (by taxi standards, anyway) 29 mpg! This is what Divyesh told us:

“My Metrocab is almost 7 years old and I was delighted with my emission reading and fuel consumption. I’m not even sure why I tried the PowerPill, after all, I was hardly likely to better the results I already had. But after just one week of using the PowerPill, my emissions went down to 0.67 and my fuel has now increased to over 30mpg. “But more importantly to me was the smooth ride I now get with my cab. As I’m telling it to you, I still can’t really believe it! It feels almost new! Soon after beginning the pills, I had a job that involved the M40 motorway and without realising it, I looked at the speedo to see that I was doing 90mph! I slowed down immediately, but as my cab had never been able to go anywhere that speed before, I was just astonished. Not only was it the speed, but it just felt amazing because previously as you got up to 70, rattles and noise would accompany that extra speed. Yet here at 90, it was driving like a car! Sadly, as soon as I realised my excessive speed, I had to slow down but as you’d expect, driving at 70 was a pleasure.” So will Divyesh carry on using the PowerPill / Alpha Pill? “Definitely,” said Divyesh without any thinking time, “my cab has new life breathed into it!” And just to add to our first sentence, no, we get nothing from PowerPill. This has been purely as a service to DaC drivers and the rest of the trade will now be hearing about it. In the last issue, Mark Wheaton wrote that he‘d had an emissions test at the Ascott Cab Co. Ascott‘s do not do emission testing and advised Mark where to go rather than doing it themselves. We apologise if any embarrassment was caused‘


London Taxi owner of Dial-a-Cab had this to say: I was absolutely amazed at how well the PowerPill / Alpha Pill worked. Under a new emissions law we were going to have to equip all of our Taxi's with expensive catalytic converters. After just one tank full our vehicles emissions dropped an unbelievable 80% from 5.98 to a 1.17. The amount of money we will be saving is huge. Not to mention the predicted fuel and maintenance savings. Thank you, Paul - Dial A Cab



When PowerPill /Alpha Pill was released I decided to use it for my 1994 80 series diesel GxL Landcrusier’s health as well as for the environment. The vehicle had travelled about 194,460 km and the injectors had not been cleaned. I purchased a packet of PowerPill / Alpha Pill the night of the release and put 4 pills in 95 litres of fuel before leaving the meeting. I use on average 4 pills per week in about 180 litre of fuel . At 363,479 km I had the injectors removed by my mechanic and taken to be cleaned and adjusted. The people who did the work would not believe that the injectors had done the amount of kms without being cleaned and were not badly blocked. David Evans Perth, Australia