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10 million cars off the road

Our Alpha Pills/PowerPills are now available in 13 different countries and if all the drivers in these markets were to use The PowerPill, the reduction in harmful emissions would be equivalent to taking more than 10 million cars off the road.

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What The Taxi Drivers Are Saying

Remarkable savings from 15% up to 42% documented

It’s never been easier to protect the environment and save money at the same time!

 The Alpha Pill/PowerPill  is a remarkable product which brings benefits to petrol diesel and Bio-diesel engines of all sizes in all countries.

It can be used as a Octane Booster, it is Environmentally Friendly, it reduces Carbon Deposits and it maximises Fuel Economy, thus reducing the cost of operation.

What is so special about  the Alpha Pill/PowerPill is a fuel conditioner which is hydrocarbon compatible. It burns completely - absolutely no residue is left.

The Alpha Pill/PowerPill, with its high tech formulation.

The cost of treatment is far less than having to buy four or more separate products


What are Alpha Pill/PowerPill customers saying?

"Cars are my passion, so I'm very careful about what fuel I put into my 2002 Mini Cooper S to achieve optimum performance. As all fuel additives/ conditioners aren't equal, I trialled the PowerPills and another octane booster... the PowerPill won hands down." Pete, Chesterfield

On the effect of Global Warming and Climate Change

     Sir John Houghton's scientific assessment of the effect of Global warming and climate Change, how it is caused, and the likely outcome if the issue is not addressed.  This in depth lecture is not for the feint hearted!

      UK Survival in the 21st Century  The Busby Report: A national plan for survival in the 21st Century

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